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The physicians at Hand and Microsurgery Associates are experts in treating traumas.  Our fellowship trained hand and microsurgeons have been treating trauma related injuries for over 25 years.  Their education is important in the process, but the fact that they treat these injuries on a regular basis is what makes them the best in the field.  If you want the best outcomes, let us be a part of your care from the beginning.

Some of the advanced techniques we perform are:

Toe to Thumb transplant -- For those patients who have lost their thumb, we use their big toe and attach it to the patient's hand.  Our physicians are trained to modify the thumb so it is aesthetically pleasing.  Patients who couldn't sign their name or shake someone's hand have those functions restored. 

Revision Surgery - 50% of our surgeries are the result of patients who were not pleased with the outcome from another facility.  We understand the complexity of treating these patients and would like the opportunity to be a part of the solution. 

Minimally Invasive Procedures - Many of the procedures we do can be done under light sedation and with a very small incision.  This often times means a quicker recovery and less pain. 

  • Arthroscopy of elbow and wrist
  • Fingers for treatment of fractures
  • Instability, nerve compression, and arthritis.


Advanced Trauma Techniques Include :

  • Complex soft tissue reconstruction for salvage of severely injured fingers wrist and elbow injuries.
  • Vascularized bone flaps for increased healing of severe and non-united fractures for all extremity bone injuries.

Innovative solutions for difficult problems trying to recreate the patient's normal anatomy.

We are experts at evaluating failed previous surgery and providing honest and objective solutions to restore function

Non-patients are welcome.

Even if you’re not a patient at Hand and Microsurgery Associates, you can have your hand or arm scanned in our extremity MRI. Call us for an appointment, and bring your prescription form from the doctor who orders the scan to your appointment.
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