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Comprehensive treatment options and attentive care.

We treat everything from traumatic and sports injuries to chronic conditions, such as trigger finger, tennis elbow, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and others.

Our physicians have advanced medical training, specifically in microsurgery of the hand and arm, and they’re also vastly skilled at handling many common ailments without the need for surgery. Our services are built around a patient-centered approach so we can help you find the treatment that works for your needs and your lifestyle.

Below are descriptions of some of the diverse services we offer at our practice:


After an examination and consultation with you (and your referring physician, if necessary), we’ll explain the array of options that may improve or heal your injury or condition. Often, the best solution is one of our many non-surgical treatments, such as simple injections that can relieve pain. If surgery offers you the best chance for improved use of your arm or hand, we’ll spend however much time you need to understand your treatment options, including an honest assessment of recovery and what you’re able to tolerate.

Traumas and Advanced Techniques

We have decades of experience treating hand and arm traumas, such as crush injuries and amputations, and are on call 24-hours a day to lend emergency assistance. We apply only the most modern, proven techniques, based on close contact with peer physicians and studying the newest procedures. Our doctors combine experience with an eagerness to learn, an approach that prepares them for complex, or unexpected developments during a trauma, surgery, or treatment. Read More >

Chronic Conditions

We treat many types of ongoing hand and arm discomfort and pain, from the well-known carpal tunnel syndrome to lesser-known problems such as ganglion cysts and Dupuytren’s contracture. While they may be treated surgically or non-surgically, we typically explore non-surgical treatments, such as splints or injections, first. Our consultations will cover all your options, and we’ll give you plenty of information, and time, to make the right decision about treatment. Read More >

Sports Injuries

Injuries while playing sports happen at all hours, so we have doctors on call to help at any time. We’re experts at creating custom splints that are lightweight, breathable, and can be taken off or adjusted for bathing and even swimming. And we’re well versed in creating splints that are compliant with the regulations of your sport. We’ll do our best to get you back in the game. Read More >

Work-Related Injuries

Construction workers, landscapers, gardeners, deli staff, machinists, factory employees – we treat people from all kinds of trades who’ve been hurt at work. And we’re experts at navigating the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation system. If you’ve been injured on the job, this is the place to come to get healed and back to work fast. Read More >


Detailed imaging is essential to diagnosing and treating hand and arm conditions. We’ve assembled the most modern equipment for X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), including our extremity MRI, a much more comfortable option that requires only your arm be placed in the imaging tube. Our physicians receive a report from a radiologist and share them with you as they explain your treatment possibilities. Read More >

Hand and Arm Therapy Specialists

Patients often need to re-learn even basic movements after an injury or surgery to the hand or arm. Hand and arm therapies, tailored to your specific needs, also help patients with ongoing discomfort and pain. Our in-house physical and occupational therapists have completed extensive coursework in hand and arm exercises, massage, and other highly effective treatments. We’ll develop a therapy plan to help you restore your independence. Read More >

Non-patients are welcome.

Even if you’re not a patient at Hand and Microsurgery Associates, you can have your hand or arm scanned in our extremity MRI. Call us for an appointment, and bring your prescription form from the doctor who orders the scan to your appointment.
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Successful Surgery for Arthritis

I had debilitating pain in my right hand that affected my job as a dental hygienist. I was diagnosed with Basal Joint Arthritis and surgery was recommended. Dr. Kobus performed the surgery and now I am pain free and so happy.