Where it hurts

Where it hurts

Do you live with occasional, or even constant, pain in your hands and arms? It’s not uncommon — old sports injuries, arthritis, and repetitive motion can all slowly introduce discomfort. Then, one day, you suddenly find it difficult to do ordinary activities without annoying pain.

We’re here to help identify the source of your pain, and apply solutions that help you feel normal again. Below are common types of hand and arm distress — if you feel one or more of them, we encourage you to set up an appointment.


Are you aware that you don’t have to live in pain with arthritis?  Whether it is Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis we have options for you.

Carpal Tunnel

This is one of the most common conditions we see.  This can be treated as conservatively with a brace or with simple injections that can offer months of relief or you may decide surgery is for you.  You decide the treatment that best fits your expectations.


We treat fractures by using light weight splints instead of plaster casts.  In addition to being OHSAA regulation approved to wear during games due to their lightweight nature, they are also waterproof for swimming and removable for bathing.


Our fellowship trained microsurgeons are trained to treat the simplest to the most complex lacerations.  Deep lacerations affect nerves, tendons, veins and sometimes arteries.  Only a trained microsurgeon is capable of achieving the best outcome.


The physicians at Hand and Microsurgery Associates, Inc. specialize in reattaching fingers, hands, arms, legs and feet and toes.  Our 5 physicians are trained to treat these injuries and have frequent experience which makes them the best choice for the best outcome.

Revision Surgery

If you have had surgery at another facility and are not happy with the results, please call us.  Revision surgeries make up more than half of the surgeries we perform.  Don’t settle for inadequate results, call us.

Sports-Related Injuries

From athletes breaking their hands and wrists to golfers who have pain in their elbows, we see and treat it all frequently.  We are experts in getting you back to enjoying life.


We offer a wide variety of treatments from splints to therapy.  We discuss the treatment options based on each patient’s injury.  We don’t practice cookie-cutter medicine here.  Everyone is different and needs individualized care.


Our practice is the only practice in central Ohio who has fellowship trained hand and arm microsurgeons on call 24 hours a day 365 days per year.  There is never a time we are not available to handle your emergency.  Don’t waste precious time, call us first.

Trigger Finger

Does your finger lock or click when you bend it?  It may be trigger finger.  There are many options in treating this condition.  Call us and we can discuss the options with you.

Work-Related Injuries

Our staff is experienced in working with the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation and are happy to assist our patients in this process.  Did you know that you can request your choice of physician even if you are a BWC patient? Simply request to see a physician at Hand and Microsurgery Associates, Inc. and we will walk you through the process.

Where does it hurt?

We have many tools to diagnose and treat all types of hand and arm injuries and conditions. If you have lost hope of gaining back the use of your hand or arm, or relieving your pain, let us examine you and give you our expert opinion.
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Sometimes surgery is necessary.

If your symptoms continue or the pain doesn’t go away with various treatments, surgical options that remove disease or tumors or repair bones or muscles may be the best option.
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Successful Surgery for Arthritis

I had debilitating pain in my right hand that affected my job as a dental hygienist. I was diagnosed with Basal Joint Arthritis and surgery was recommended. Dr. Kobus performed the surgery and now I am pain free and so happy.