For Patients

Care and guidance to help you recover faster.

If you’re experiencing any type of pain or weakness in your hands or arms, contact us today. We may be able to help. Call us to make an appointment, 614-262-4263.

Attention: Parents or Legal Guardians of pediatric patients

The physicians of Hand and Microsurgery Associates have enjoyed treating pediatric patients for over 25 years.  Please make sure you are present at every appointment with your child if they are a minor as they cannot be treated without a parent or legal guardian present.  We appreciate you trusting us with the care of your child.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Our doctors and therapists are experts in finding ways to reduce pain and provide better function in your hands and arms. We’ve also helped many patients who aren’t satisfied with prior surgeries or treatments. With more than 25 years of experience, we rarely encounter cases we haven’t seen before.

No referrals needed

New patients to our practice aren’t required to have a referral from another doctor to see our physicians. You may call us directly at 614-262-4263 (HAND), Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, to set up your appointment. Even if you’re injured on the job, you can choose your own doctor. Simply request to be sent to Hand and Microsurgery Associates for your care.

Emergency care available

We treat patients around the clock, assisting with complex traumas and emergencies. For help during our business hours, call 614-262-4263 (HAND). Any other time, call 911, go to Riverside Methodist Hospital, and ask for the on-call physician from Hand and Microsurgery Associates.

Insurance and billing assistance

We take insurance from most carriers, and our staff will guide you through the insurance process.

Where does it hurt?

We have many tools to diagnose and treat all types of hand and arm injuries and conditions. If you have lost hope of gaining back the use of your hand or arm, or relieving your pain, let us examine you and give you our expert opinion.
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Sometimes surgery is necessary.

If your symptoms continue or the pain doesn’t go away with various treatments, surgical options that remove disease or tumors or repair bones or muscles may be the best option.
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Successful Surgery for Arthritis

I had debilitating pain in my right hand that affected my job as a dental hygienist. I was diagnosed with Basal Joint Arthritis and surgery was recommended. Dr. Kobus performed the surgery and now I am pain free and so happy.