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Med-Ed Journal Club Contributes to the Community with Training

“One of the keys for a successful outcome is having the EMT's and Paramedics trained on the proper field management of a traumatic injury. The [Hand and Micro] surgeons personally conduct education in the community for the EMS on a regular basis. Also, for the surgeons to give a phone number to the EMS so that they can activate the surgeons response to care for the patient in a more timely manner illustrates the commitment to quality care and outcomes for the patient.”


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Snowblower Safety

Dr. Cook discusses snowblower safety and emergency care for an injury.

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September 17, 2012:
Focusing on Sports Medicine

Dr. Raymond Kobus talks to medical professionals about injuries to the Flexor System of the Fingers/Thumb.

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People throughout Ohio and surrounding states seek specialized care for their hands and arms at Hand and Microsurgery Associates. Our physicians provide comprehensive treatment, from the most advanced surgical procedures to therapies designed to avoid surgery. However, surgery isn't always the answer.  Our physicians will assess your condition and give you treatment options to achieve your goal.

Whether you’ve been injured at work or while playing sports, or are coping with ongoing pain or discomfort, we help you regain the fullest possible use of your hands and arms. We involve our patients in all phases of treatment decisions, and take special care to explain your options clearly so you can make a confident, informed decision.

We help patients with:

Available 24 hours a day

We’re the only group of specially trained hand surgeons in central Ohio who provide on-call emergency care, 365 days a year. In case of emergency, call 911 or go to Riverside Methodist Hospital Emergency Department and request a Hand and Microsurgery Associates physician.

Expert hand therapy

Our in-house team of hand therapists identifies treatments and exercises to keep you motivated and on track to recovery. Our doctors work closely with them to develop a personalized treatment plan, and follow you through therapy to make sure you’re doing well – an extra step that sets our practice apart. Learn more about Hand and Arm Therapy Specialists.

Referrals not required

We want to reduce your pain — and any delays in getting you the help you need. To speed the process, you can see our doctors without a referral from your primary care or other doctor. We are happy to keep your current physician informed about, and included in, the care you receive. Contact us to arrange an appointment at 614-262-4263 or visit our appointments page for more details.

Tell us where it hurts

If you’re feeling any hand/arm pain or weakness, or aren’t happy with how your hand or arm is working following other treatment, we may be able to assist you. Learn how we can help.