Cuidado de Emergencia

¿Sabe qué hacer en caso de mano o lesión en el brazo?

Primero, llame al 911.

En caso de una amputación, aplique presión a la herida. No utilice un torniquete si es posible. Si tiene que utilizar un torniquete, colóquelo lo más cerca al área lesionada como sea posible. El apéndice amputado debe estar completamente envuelto en una gasa húmeda y se coloca en una bolsa de plástico. Luego, coloque la bolsa de plástico en otra bolsa de plástico que se llene con agua de hielo. Nunca ponga el apéndice directamente sobre hielo o en agua.

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Closely Connected to the Emergency Medical Community

We’ve helped train hundreds of local emergency medical technicians and paramedics on how to transport an amputation. Therefore, the patient has the best opportunity for recovery. The result: We’re able to do more to help patients when we meet them at the hospital, because they’re appropriately cared for at the injury site.
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Snowblower Safety

Dr. Cook discusses snowblower safety and emergency care for an injury.

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

“I have always worked with my hands, mostly with hand tools but occasionally with power saws. As an artist, designer, and craftsman, I took care not to lose parts of my hands. So I was shocked when symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome started to appear last year – first in one wrist, then the other. Thanks to Dr. Nappi’s expertly placed injection, my hands were restored to their former usefulness.”