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Couldn't have done it without Dr. Gowda

My name is shatasha and I was shot in my right hand on 6/28/12. I shattered my pinky and fractured my ring finger. I also shattered some of the bones in the palm of my hand. Dr. Gowda saved my hand! It was a semi-painful process but he restored to almost 90% movement. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to write with my right hand anymore, but with the help and support of my therapist, Kimberly, and my Doctor I was able to motivate myself enough to get the job done. I wouldn’t trade those two for anyone else in the world. Dr. Gowda gave me the hardware and Kim gave me the mental, emotional, and patience to trust myself enough to know that it won’t get better if I don’t push myself. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done this without them!

Successful Wrist Replacement Surgery for Arthritis

“I was having pain in my wrist and it got to a point where I knew I needed to see someone. My daughter-in-law, Joyce, who is a surgical RN at Riverside, insisted that I see Dr. Paul Cook because she was familiar with his work. I made the appointment and immediately he put me to ease. I thought for sure that I would have an injection or some therapy. After the appropriate imaging was done, Dr. Cook came back in the room and said that I had arthritis and was a perfect candidate for wrist replacement surgery. He didn’t pressure me and told me to take my time and think about it. He said I would know when it was time. It was only a few short weeks later that I decided to have it done as the pain was so bad that it was affecting my activities. The surgery went very smoothly. I then went to therapy at his office and never believed I would regain full range of motion and be pain free, but it happened. In fact, I know that I will need to have my other wrist done and will absolutely have Paul Cook perform the surgery.”
– Marg

Non-Surgical Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Dear Dr. Nappi:

I have always worked with my hands –mostly with hand tools. Occasionally, I use a power saw - but with all due caution. My life’s profession was artist, designer, craftsman – and as a result I took care not to lose parts of my hands.

Last year I was shocked when symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome were appearing – first in one wrist and then the other. Thanks to your expertly placed injection my hands were restored to their former usefulness. My wife was equally impressed by your knowledge and precision of application. We liked your offices' present location, but realize that time and circumstance requires readjustment from time to time. Congratulations to you and your colleagues as you venture forth. Time passes, things change.

Best of all to you.


Successful Surgery for Arthritis

“I had debilitating pain in my right hand that affected my job as a dental hygienist. I was diagnosed with Basal Joint Arthritis and surgery was recommended. Dr. Ray Kobus performed the surgery and now I am pain free, so happy 8)”
– Nancy

Nate Klingenberger
Nate Klingenberger
Photo by Photos By Maria
Football Player Returns to the Game After Surgery

“I am just thankful Dr. Gowda was able to repair the 5 cut tendons in Nate's hand and that he was able to return to his normal activities without any damage.”
– Kim

Woman Follows Intuition and Finds Treatment and Relief

It all began with a tingling in my left pinky and the left side of my ring finger. When I asked my primary care physician about it he immediately recognized it as the textbook symptom of ulnar nerve damage. He didn't seem overly concerned about it, and suggested I try not to lean on my elbow so much, and place a pillow or some type of padding under it. Since he wasn't terribly concerned, I wasn't either.... Until I began to lose the use of my left hand!

I am extremely left-handed, and because it is something of an anomaly I always prided myself in having nice handwriting. That was one of the first signs that something was terribly wrong. My handwriting began to get sloppy and hard to control. Then I began to notice that I was losing strength in that hand! I couldn't stir a dish for more than a few minutes without changing hands. And I couldn't squeeze the handle of the sprayer in the kitchen sink.

So I got a referral to a hand doctor in my insurance network. They began by sending me to a specialist that performed and EMG (Electromyogram) to determine the extent of my nerve damage. The test indicated it was pretty bad. I had allowed it to go on too long before seeking treatment. The in-network doctor and I sat down to discuss options. He wanted to do surgery as soon as possible, and he described the procedure he planned to do. Not knowing a thing about this, and instinctively trusting doctors, I scheduled the operation with him. However, I wasn't really sure I trusted this doctor. Perhaps it was just a personality conflict, and perhaps it was intuition, but I just didn't have a good feeling about this. I went home and started doing my online research into the various surgical options, and I started asking around about hand doctors in Columbus. I had 2 close friends and 3 complete strangers ALL tell me, without hesitation, that I should see Dr. Paul Cook. Well, when you get 5 strong recommendations like that, I suggest it's time to get a second opinion!

Even though Dr. Cook was out-of-network for me, I cancelled my previously scheduled surgery, picked up my medical records, and went to see him. He said the damage was severe, and he said that the procedure the other doctor had planned to do would NOT be sufficient for the level of injury I had. He described what he would do, and that was to actually cut a muscle in my arm and move the ulnar nerve under it to prevent any further damage in the future. Dr. Cook refused to make very many promises about rehabilitation for my hand. My handwriting might never be pretty again, and I might never regain the strength it had lost. He set my expectations pretty low! His only promise was that with the surgery it wouldn't get any worse.

The surgery went without a hitch, and I began his prescribed therapy 3 days after the operation. It has been almost a year since I went under the knife with Dr. Cook and I am delighted to report that my recovery has far exceeded my expectations! While I do still experience tingling in my little finger from time-to-time, my handwriting is pretty again, I am able to hold and squeeze once again, and I am even able to cross all 4 fingers on my left hand at once!!!! (A funny party trick that had become impossible before the surgery!)

Choosing Dr. Paul Cook of Hand and Microsurgery Associates was an expensive option for me because he was not part of my insurance network. But it was worth every penny! The staff was great to work with, and Dr. Cook is a joy! I felt comfortable and confident with him from our first meeting. And my primary hand is now back in working order.

I neglected to mention that art is my hobby. I love to draw and paint. Before the surgery this had become impossible. Now I am able to do the things I love again.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Dr. Cook or the people that referred me to him.

I would make 3 suggestions to anyone experiencing ulnar nerve damage:
1) Don't lean on your elbow! (Or hold your arm up for extended periods of time, as in the position when you are holding a telephone to your ear.)
2) Do not delay getting treatment if you think you might have ulnar nerve damage - it will only get worse!
3) Call Dr. Cook! He's THE BEST!

– GJ

A Thankful Mom

Dr Cook:

I wanted to share this photo with you. My son Noah was fortunate enough to score the OT winning goal against Dublin Jerome to send Liberty to the Frozen Four and you were a very important part of that goal. He has had a great hockey career and we want to say thanks to you for making sure of that. Since he is a senior his high school career has come to an end and we will certainly miss watching him and his team mates. Thanks again!
– Annette

Accidental Hand Amputation Requires Extensive Surgery

Successful replantation of hand

Mrs. P, aged 63 years, is an energetic and right-hand- dominant grandmother who enjoys woodworking and frequently uses table saws and other mechanical tools. Two years ago, she was cutting wood with a miter saw in her basement when she looked down on the ground after "feeling something" and saw her hand and part of her arm lying on the floor.

Instantly, she crawled upstairs, looked outside, saw someone, and called out for help. A stranger walking by came to her assistance. While applying direct pressure to Mrs. P's residual limb, the good samaritan called 911. ?

The paramedics arrived quickly, wrapped the limb in sterile gauze dressing, and continued to apply pressure to control the bleeding.  A next-door neighbor placed the limb in a plastic bag before following the medics to the ED and giving the amputated limb to the trauma staff at the hospital.

The full story is available at "The Clinical Advisor" (requires login).

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

“I have always worked with my hands, mostly with hand tools but occasionally with power saws. As an artist, designer, and craftsman, I took care not to lose parts of my hands. So I was shocked when symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome started to appear last year – first in one wrist, then the other. Thanks to Dr. Nappi’s expertly placed injection, my hands were restored to their former usefulness.”