Our Practice

Patients are our purpose.

Hand and Microsurgery Associates offers independent, expert medical care for upper extremity injuries and conditions. For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping patients regain the use of their hands and arms, regardless of the injury or discomfort.

Our doctors have advanced training in hand and arm surgeries, therapies, and treatments. We specialize in effective, practical non-surgical options. When surgery is needed, our doctors typically need to perform fewer of them to achieve the most mobility and function possible.

Our physicians’ expertise is supported by our talented patient care coordinators, friendly front-office employees, problem-solving billing staff, and highly trained certified hand and arm therapists. We offer a state-of-the-art surgery center that’s integrated with our doctors’ and therapists’ offices, giving patients one central location for our services. It’s all part of our commitment to put you, our patients, first.

Patient Success

There’s no better endorsement of our practice than from the people we’ve helped. Here are a few of their stories, to show how they’ve regained the use of their hands and arms, for everyday tasks and complex activities. Referring doctors, paramedics, and firefighters also share their thoughts about our practice.

Our Staff

Hand and Microsurgery Associates has nearly 50 employees. The staff includes our receptionists, nurses, pre-certification experts, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation specialists, radiologists, and imaging technicians. We also have a group of highly trained, in-house certified hand and arm therapists. We want you to feel comfortable before you walk in the door. Feel free to learn who’s who, and let us know if you have any questions.

Spanish Translation

A great number of trade professionals in our region speak Spanish as their first language. To make it easier for us to help them recover from pain or injury, our staff includes a Spanish translator to facilitate clear and accurate discussion between patient, physician and staff.

The Hand Center

We’ve built a facility on the first floor of our building for all of our same-day surgeries. The Hand Center, a joint partnership with OhioHealth, is designed to make surgeries as simple and stress-free as possible for our patients. This modern facility offers the latest equipment and technology. In addition, there are day-before check-ins, timely appointments, large semi-private spaces pre- and post-surgery, nurses always nearby, and private exits after your procedure.

Patient Guides

You can learn more about many of the conditions we treat by reading our Patient Guides. We’ve included them on the web site for your quick reference.

Medical Education>
Closely Connected to the Emergency Medical Community

We’ve helped train hundreds of local emergency medical technicians and paramedics on how to transport an amputation. Therefore, the patient has the best opportunity for recovery. The result: We’re able to do more to help patients when we meet them at the hospital, because they’re appropriately cared for at the injury site.
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Advanced Techniques>
Snowblower Safety

Dr. Cook discusses snowblower safety and emergency care for an injury.

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Non-Surgical Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

“I have always worked with my hands, mostly with hand tools but occasionally with power saws. As an artist, designer, and craftsman, I took care not to lose parts of my hands. So I was shocked when symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome started to appear last year – first in one wrist, then the other. Thanks to Dr. Nappi’s expertly placed injection, my hands were restored to their former usefulness.”